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myth busted, first solo

Posted on 2009.05.29 at 16:33
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So there you go. Years ago exactly in 2005 i took an Air Asia flight back home to Penang alone. It was late evening flight. I'm going to be honest here i'm not really serious about being a pilot then. When the plane took off from KLIA i was dead shit scared of height. I told myself there's no way i could be a pilot but at the same time i never have clear ambition what i'm going to work for the rest of my life. I consider it as a dark period in my life. No motivation, no ambition, failing subjects, cutting classes, have bad luck with girl(s), sleeping 23 hrs daily, rarely went home to Penang and the list goes on.

In 2006 when i changed major from engineering to economics i've been thinking about what i want to do for the rest of my life. I know i'm not suited for office jobs 9-5pm what the hell is that? I've always want to be a pilot since high school but never given much thought about it because i thought i'm not qualified for that job. In 2006 i said to hell with that and start researching the internet about how to be a pilot. Turn out it's not that difficult if we have enough guts and willing to take the risk. And be confident in yourself.

On 20th May 2009 :

Silver 06 : Silver 06 at bay 1, request to change call sign to Silver 06 Sierra, solo student.

Ipoh Ground : Silver 06 Call sign approved

My instructor told me what do do in the event of go around, and in his usual style he told me not to overshoot, come back safe and the plane is all yours now. "Just do whatever things you want lahhh naa..."

he's furious guy. In the air force they call him Nordin Tiger, famed for being so mean to his student, and he brings his legacy to civilian pilot training world, less furious but still the one everyone wants to avoid.

After he slammed the door i was left wondering "This is the moment of truth, fuck.  let's do it."

Actually he cleared me for solo the day before but i'm not confident enough because of strong winds in the afternoon....

Silver 06 Sierra : Ipoh Ground, Silver 06 Sierra on 121.6 how do you read?

Ipoh Ground : Reading you strength 5 go ahead

Silver 06 Sierra : Silver 06 Sierra request taxy for Circuit and Landing, P.O.B 1, endurance of 4 hours, on Niner Mike India Alpha Bravo  (9M-IAB)

Ipoh Ground : Silver 06 Sierra, temperature 28, Ipoh QNH 1009, clear taxy to holding point Alpha

Silver 06 Sierra : QNH 1009, clear taxy to holding point Alpha Silver 06 sierra

A  lot of readbacks rite? That's how it works in aviation radio transmission. After i've been given clearance i taxy the plane to holding point Alpha. Capt Nordin is walking to engineering side, he's not that interested watching me do the landing from the tower.

After i reached holding point Alpha i parked the plane into the wind and perform before take off checklist. Once i'm done with before take off checklist i called the tower.

Silver 06 Sierra : Ipoh Tower silver 06 sierra on 122.1 how do you read

Ipoh Tower : Reading you strength 5 go ahead

Silver 06 Sierra : Silver 06 Sierra request ATC

Ipoh Tower : Clear for left hand downwind runway 04, 1000 feet, Ipoh QNH 1009

Silver 06 Sierra : Cleared for left hand downwind runway 04, QNH 1009 silver 06 Sierra and request line up sir

Ipoh Tower : Cleared backtrack and lineup runway 04

Silver 06 Sierra : Cleared backtrack and lineup runway 04 silver 06 Sierra

So i taxy the plane steadily to runway 04. Silver 07 which is at the downwind is holding there 1000 feet.

Silver 06 Sierra : Silver 06 Sierra ready

Ipoh Tower : Silver 06 Sierra cleared for take off, left turn, 1000 feet

Silver 06 Sierra : Left turn 1000 feet cleared for take off Silver 06 Sierra

Brakes hold, power 20 %, after power 20 % i released the brake and steer the plane with rudder, in no time when i applied full power the plane already at 30 kts and increasing. It's the effect of losing another human next to me which made the plane lighter, quiter but scarier hahhaa. In less than 30 seconds i'm already up there 300 feet and increasing.

During that time i was thinking how far have i come, from the interview, from the moment i step up into the school...man, im flying solo for the first time. It's all up to me.

I turned left for downwind leg and i saw silver 07 leaving holding pattern. Quite close but still safe.

Silver 06 Sierra : Silver 06 Sierra downwind to land

Ipoh Tower : Silver 06 Sierra call again final

Silver 06 Sierra : Call again final Silver 06 Sierra

Silver 06 Sierra : Silver 06 Sierra is now visual with traffic Silver 07 late downwind

Ipoh Tower : Silver 06 Sierra all again final number 2

Silver 06 Sierra : Call again final number 2 Silver 06 Sierra

Turning, flaps, power and all that, i extended downwind a little bit to give space for traffic in front.

Silver 06 Sierra : Silver 06 Sierra turning final

Ipoh Tower : Surface wind bla bla bla cleared to land

Silver 06 Sierra : Cleared to land Silver 06 Sierra

The landing itself is a non event. Not smooth but a positive one.

Ipoh Tower : Silver 06 Sierra vacate via bravo and contact ground

Silver 06 Sierra : Vacate via bravo and contact ground silver 06 Sierra

While turning to holding point Bravo,

Silver 01 Charlie : Silver 06 Sierra from Silver 01 Charlie, congratulations

Silver 06 Sierra : Thank you sir, thank you

It was the principal!!! My school principal is a chopper instructor, he landed after me on the grass strip and right behind me. That made my day. He's back from Air crew man training flight in gopeng kampar. Last i heard he called the tower is that they were on the dead side approaching to land. That's something memorable. Every pilot will remember their first solo and im sure i'll remember mine as well, but the talking point of the day is the congratulation call from the pincipal.

Later when i walked to engineering ramp, ACM guys and their instructors congratulate me on my first solo. They were the ones inside the chopper with my principal and they saw me landing that plane without going around hahaha...

Not officially a pilot but im inching closer towards my dream.

how to cope with stress

Posted on 2009.03.26 at 09:18
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months again since i last wrote something here, who cares.

i've started my flying phase. I started on march 12 with captain khamis, the next day i flew with my assigned personal instructor capt nordin. then i resumed flying again on 20th march and i flew non stop for 5 days straight on his shift.

tiring. at least for a beginner. so much things to learn and re learn, revised, perfecting every lesson he gave. He's a guy with high expectation. He's the one everyone wants to avoid, but i do the contrary when i chose him to be my instructor. He aint got that many student, one of the reason that he's able to speed up my flying.

Stressed a little bit. please help me cope with stress at least until middle of june. I calculate if i'm able to fly at the current rate i'll be able to clock 50 hrs in 3 months....

so long

Posted on 2009.01.11 at 00:43
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hi friends,

now i am studying in a local flying school. ITNS of Ipoh, Perak. I registered on 8th of October 2008, there are 28 guys on our batch, we finished our PPL Theory ground school and now our batch was split into two. 14 are flying, while another 14 are doing ground school for DCA technical papers. I'm in the latter group and we are in the midst of completing the first set of papers. I took 2 days of fake sick leave from the school because i'm bored but anyway the ground school will end in February so i just kill some time to make it (ground school phase) faster.

I can't wait to fly. It's really disheartening to see my mates fly every other day but i know our time will come. I wanna overcome my fear of heights as soon as possible (i'm already halfway through it hahaha). If i could remember well in June or July one of my friend Maz (now in the same school but he's doing Assistant Flying Instructor course) brought me up flying around KL at 1500 feet and all i can say, yes, i am afraid of height but i didn't throw out or have excessive fear of height disorder from that day on i know i can be a pilot. I felt more acrophobic when riding Eye On Malaysia, being on a plane feels much safer because i know i can control that thing and with the right technique we can safely land on ground.

My housemate Bad, who is in flying phase told me his first flight during take off and initial cruise he was like shitting in his pants because he was afraid of height too but the moment his instructor handed him the control, the fear just fly away...nothing to worry about, so i know i can be like him, just pray for me. i have to fly 200 frigging hours in order to obtain my license. Actually i dont feel nervous at all but writing about this makes me nervous about it. That's why i dont want to write anything about the school until at least i start my flying but i just cant resist updating. It's been six months since i last wrote something. Call me superstitious or whatsoever i hope all things will go well.

Since i go to the school i became a morning person. I woke up at 6am daily, get ready and be at the school latest by 730am. It's far off from my university days where i think i can count on my fingers how many classes that started at 8 have i really attend them. It feels so good to start my day early.

So my thoughts have been straying around helicopters lately. It looks more manly to fly a helicopter but it's just too expensive. I dont want to think much about it. I know me, i dont like being in a majority group, but for now i have to resist rotary call to concentrate on my ATPL fixed wing course. I just feel awkward being around guys who has little or no idea about aviation, they just got there because their parents can afford it. It's so annoying but i guess it's just me paying too much attention to other people's garbage. Majority group here means guys who went for fixed wing course, minority means guys who went for helicopter course.

Ahh did i tell you, my school is the only civilian helicopter training school in the region? (ASEAN). Most of the guys who took helicopter course are officers from Malaysian Army Air Wing Unit and Royal Navy Air Wing Unit. These 2 factions of Malaysian military dont have their own flying school so they outsourced the training (basic training) to our school. There are about 30 of them here. We also have few Royal Malaysian Police Air Wing Unit and this month Malaysian Coast Guard will send their officers for fixed wing and rotary wing training. What's so funny is that my school also signed a contract to train Coast Guard Rescue Swimmer unit. Have you guys ever watched The Guardian? I wonder where will they train the swimmers, in KL maybe.

Instructors mostly from ex air force. One aussie named matthew and one Syrian named Amrou.

hope to post pictures soon....stay tuned..maybe another 6 months..hehehe.

after months of waiting

Posted on 2008.06.11 at 18:22
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Dear Mr Amirul Adli Mazlan,

I refer to your interview in Penang on 15Dec2007 and your subsequent e-mail informing us that you are still in the midst of your graduate studies.

I regret to inform you that we are unable to keep your application on KIV for such a long period.  We would be pleased if you could put in a fresh application to us again after you have completed your degree and obtained your scroll in August 2008.

Thank you for your interest in this position.

Yours sincerely,
Edward Tan
for and on behalf of
Singapore Airlines Group

From :


I went to Malaysia Airlines Psychomotor Test in Subang (SZB) yesterday and failed miserably. Those things happened to be much more difficult in reality. It's really sad, however i took it as an priceless experience. From the flight training crew entrance we were lead to the psychomotor test room which is located inside Simulator Building. We passed through some really big simulators (B 737-400, 777-200 and A330-300). These huge mechanical monsters looks bigger in real life than in pictures. At least double the size of a truck. Imagine that.

Later me and my girlfriend had dinner in this dirty placed which _lovestinks_ hates - William.

Long time ago

Posted on 2008.02.25 at 21:27
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in brief :

*My birthday (9th Feb)
*Girlfriend's birthday
*SIA has yet to reply
*New semester (7 subjects)
*Flying schools virtual roadshow
*Election's coming

My birthday, girlfriend managed to came out with a surprise for me. Although not many were there (in fact there's only 4 of us) i never expected that. We went to Old Town Ampang. She bought me an ice cream cake. It melted in half when we get home. I LOVE YOU. Later in the evening we met my cousin and her family. Went on cruise tasik. It's fun. Everybody should try one. Chatted with the boat captain. Happened that he's the one i read before in newspaper when they cover a story about Putrajaya Cruise Tasik.

My gf birthday fell on 17th February. Nothing much to tell you about it. We went to One Utama and i bought her perfume. It's not really a surprise. I was thinking about a wristwatch but it's over my budget. She gave me many hints about perfume so i bought her one. Seeing her happy smiling face makes me relieved. I never thought of buying a perfume for her before, because i'm not sure which part on earth that rains a dollar notes. Luckily, TM deposit money for us for the last time. I dont really know how can i cope for next year's birthday. I look for some part time jobs on Jobstreet and applied to 2 companies. They have yet to reply.


SIA is like what? Still considering. I rest my case. If they call me then it's good. I guess they put my name on hold because i told them i'll be graduating soon (June).

New semester. 7 subjects. Monday and wednesday are really tiring but so far i have yet to register 100% weekly attendance. Hahaha.  I hate going to class but i have too...some class are fun, especially with that British old man Stanley Richardson.

I've been scouting various flying schools in Malaysia, looking for a place to get in there. Hopefully i can settle the enrollment matters and start sending my loan application to MARA in March. I'm getting restless, MARA is unpredictable. Last time in 2003 they allow us students who wants to pursue aviation dream to apply to for their funding. Then they close it. Last year they opened the flying school account again. I'm afraid if i wait after i finish my graduation, they will close again. Fees are not cheap. To train a pilot it costs more than training a doctor, abroad. Heard they already approved 32 applications. Restless.

Election. As usual i'm not interested. I can talk about politics but it's too late to register as a voter. BN will win again. Malaysian government likes talking cock about democracy although it doesnt really exist in Malaysia. RTM 1 is like a pig propaganda TV. Malaysian government is one big hypocrite. Talking about democracy but at the same time using all government's resources to keep them in office.

my interview

Posted on 2007.12.16 at 18:09
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Copied from forum i posted...


interview was okay. 48 people on the list. at least 2 of the guys already has CPL from new zealand. I'm not sure about my fate as everything seems not well except for the interview session. i bring the wrong folder full of school certificates not university certificate. Both interviewers asked me to send the Penang SIA office photocopy of all my certificate by next week.

I thought they are going to asked me to leave but they proceed with the interview. Both interviewers were Chinese. One of them is a Malaysian (he asked most of the questions) another one he spoke less he's a singaporean. I'm not sure which one is the captain.

First question was why do i want to join SIA. I told them blah blah blah. Second question what's my effort in pursuing my ambition to be a pilot. I told them after high school i applied for some of the flight skools in malaysia etc etc. I also told them my hobby (spotting in KLIA). Why did not apply MAS and airasia? i answered i was still in the middle of my degree so it would be best to leave it late near my completion of my degree to attend any interview and this is my first airline interview.

Third question was about fleet in SIA. I told them b747, 2 of them are leased from MAS. Then i go on telling them about 777200LR and 777300ER. He asked me what is ER and LR i said extended range and long range. then i said SIA is going to lease 16 A330 to fill the gap by delayed delivery of A380. Then i told them about A380 and exact order of 19 of the aircraft. He said i'm very good at statistics. I said something about A340 then he popped out a question why is A345 is used. i told them it's not confined to ETOPS regulation blah blah blah. Then what is ETOPS i could not answer full but i give them something like this "Extended Twin Operation procedure standard???...or Engine Turning or Passenger Swim" why he asked? I said the aircraft can fly more direct route instead of technical stop if it's a twin.

Fourth was what is your favourite aircraft. My answer is A320. He asked why. I said because i see them everyday because i live in cyberjaya under the flightpath to and from KLIA. He asked me what is the control of the airbus i told them it's an FBW aircraft and the use side stick instead of conventional yoke. He asked me to elaborate on that and i told them difference between boeing and airbus principal. How many seats in a320 i said 180 for an LCC and around 150-160 for full service airline like Silk Air for better legroom.

A break when the Singaporean then take his turn and explain about the bond. It's a 7 year bond worth $250,000 but payable amount is only $60,000 deducted from salary. He elaborate why they need to do like this because in the past people used to "cabut" (he used this word) to other airline. He looked at my resume and asked because i stated there i can speak tagalog (albeit a weak tagalog) he asked me where i learn it. I said i have a Filipino housemate and used to have a Filipina girlfriend. Then what happened? "I dont want to generalize sir but as far as i know most of them are cheats" then they laugh. Hahaha.

The malaysian took his turn again. He spoke in Bahasa Melayu and asked "Mak ayah sudah pergi haji?" "Not yet, they are still young and have yet to save enough money because they're five of us in the family and 4 of us still studying"..they just nodded. He gave me chance to ask question i first asked them about employment in SIA group. He told me there's about 65% chance of you ended up in SIA mainline. Then the guy asked me why i want to join SIA Cargo i told them i wouldnt really mind but it would be great to fly a cargo plane. He explain as of now employment opportunities are abundant as they are in the midst of buying stakes in other airlines in China. I asked about housing allowance that has been raised recently then he said yes but only for expat. He continue telling me that there's a 2 pilot employment scheme in SIA group. One is national scheme (singapore malaysia thailand blah blah) and another one is expatriate scheme. He said no need to worry as pilots salary can still give u good accommodation in Singapore despite the recent hike in cost of living.

A must question was if there's 2 pilots, you and a singaporean have a chance for promotion and only 1 vacancy, they will go for the singaporean, do you have problem with that. I said no, as long as the pay is right i wouldnt mind. If i'm still in the 7 years bond i will stay, but if i serve beyond the 7 years and if there's other opportunities why not go to other place where's the grass is greener. They jokingly said "ohhh so you wanna leave the company laaa" i said no no blah blah blah...he explain it's because malaysian has a headstart as singaporean only can apply if they're 26 or above...so singaporean will be given priority. there he goes...

It's like a chit chatting more than a formal interview. Then he said "Last question, do you have a girlfriend?" " Yes sir but this time it's malay local girl. No more Filipina" "Why?" "Because if you want to marry a Filipina make sure she's from middle or upper class family, if she's from poor family, when you married her then you're going to marry the whole village" then they burst into laughter whilst nodding their head.

He touched on my appearance saying i dressed nicely but if possible more should be done with my hair (a bit long) because on the second stage there are going to have 4 interviewers grilling you with questions. He told me they will notify wether if i fail or not and ask me to wait for email. I shake their hands and leave the room. there goes my interview.

No technical questions or general knowledge asked. I dont know, i just try my luck,before i leave he asked my height i told him 165 he said if you are a few centimeters taller then you have an advantage.

I think question differs from candidate to candidate. They will asked question based on your personality i guess. i was never asked geography question like how many ocean, capital of a country blah blah. Question about SIA were purely based on aircrafts they have.

Mine went about 20-30 minutes. I dont know about my chances. But i will take it as a good learning experience so that i can prepare myself better next time.


some of them in the forum told me i stand a good chance for second interview but i have yet to submit my scanned academic certificates. I'll do it before next week ends. Funny enough because actually what i intend to do was not to attend the interview and just go there for the sake of sigtseeing around Penang. Hahaha. But then when i walked out of the elevator the interview registrar attendant "catch" me and asked me to sign the interview form. Too little too late. Anyway it's a good experience. My first airline interview.

too long for an update

Posted on 2007.11.21 at 22:44
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quick update:

Chicken pox
Moved in to a new place (finally my own room)
New semester
Singapore Airlines cadet pilot interview (Dec 15th)

More details coming soon...

Worth it.

Posted on 2007.10.03 at 04:00
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Money mattersCollapse )

mini_myna do you know how to use Dreamweaver? I have multimedia assignment to be submitted this Friday. Worth 20 marks.

day of atonement

Posted on 2007.09.20 at 13:35
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The club is being run like a market store

This club is a farking joke, the plaything of an Idiot Billionaire. The image of the Idiot Billionaire laughing his socks off as we fell behind to Rosenborg will haunt me for a long time to come.  What an odious repellent man our club's owner is. I knew the arrival of avram grant was a bad news. And the jew, well fuck off. Gutted as I am, I've seen it all before at Chelsea. Players, managers, chairmen and owners come and go. The one common denominator is the fans.

 Abramovic has proven pretty docile in the face of some quite extreme provocation by Mourinho. This is enough to get you sacked from any job, despite your talent - fact.

In hindsight it's very similar to Vialli's departure: Right decision - Wrong time.

Abramovic should have done it at the end of the season. But an FA Cup victory made it politically difficult to do. However, it only postponed the inevitable and has made things far more difficult for both club and players. It has looked as if Mourhino has run out of ideas since mid-way through last season. Other Coaches have been working hard to counter the versatile 4-3-3/4-1-4-1/4-1-2-2-1/4-5-1; and Jose appears uncomfortable without the insurance policy of the Fifth defender ("The Makelele Role"). He's been trying to accommodate a second forward but TMR makes it very difficult (unless you have 12-a-side...).

i cant imagine any replacement manager...not being a total "yes man" for roman...and now watch him go wild in the transfer window come january..hes gonna get who he wants and at any price..watch..and the poor manager will be left to put together massive egos that just wont work..heaven help our replacement...hes got the biggest act in our history to follow...and an owner who knows SFA about football breathing down his neck while attempting to supply massive names to the squad..i wouldnt take that job for all the tea in china!

Time to move on Jose - Italy beckons and with it more trophies. Losing a manager like him has to be devastating.

Ave atque Vale.

I just can't let it fade away

Posted on 2007.09.18 at 14:49
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1st is my English. Degrading from time to time. I don't know why. 

2nd is my footballing passion. Although i dont actually play but i realized in the past months since getting busy i've lost some appetite towards football. 


I've decided long ago to start posting anything meaningful, not just another pointless rant about something. But even until now i'm struggling to find ideas what to post or what topic should make a meaningful entry. That's what kept me quiet for the past weeks and months in LJ.

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